Thursday 6 March 2014

Cementa public forum at Kandos: Future Land 1 Local Urgencies

Locals please note that Cementa is presenting a public forum entitled 'Future Land 1: Local Urgencies' this Saturday at Kandos. Go along if you can! 

Future Land 1 Local Urgencies

Saturday March 8, 3-6 pm
Kandos Projects
18 Angus Avenue, Kandos
Cementa Contemporary Arts Festival acknowledges a growing body of contemporary artists exploring broader environmental issues, land use and advocacy.  Cementa will be hosting a two part series of public forums, Future Land 1 and 2. view from front gate of Tarwyn Park

Against the backdrop of recent developments, artists and community will come together to respond to the sale of Tarwyn Park, national icon of sustainable land management (natural sequence farming) to coal interests.  Julia and Colin Imrie's eco resort, Stone Cottages, and natural wonder The Drip, are also under imminent threat from coal expansion.

Artists with practices in installation, data mapping, video and the social will engage with local stakeholders on issues of sustainable land management, constitutional law, community, the Social Good, land stewardship, economics and hydrology.

Speakers include artists:
Jenny Brown
Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski
Ian Milliss
Nell Schofield (Running Stream Water Users Association, Lock the Gate)

Affected locals and community stakeholders:
Craig Shaw (Bylong Valley Protection Association)
Bev Smiles (Wollar Progress Association,  Hunter Valley Communities Network, Mudgee District Environment Group, Central West Environment Council).

Local news

PAC meetings

There were two Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) meetings last week on Moolarben Mine Stage 2 (Tues 4.3.2014) and Moolarben Mine Stage 1, Modification 9 (Weds 5.3.2014). Current RSWUA secretary, Jolieske Lips, spoke at both - objecting on the basis of water issues.

On Tuesday 11.3.2014, RSWUA and Jolieske will be speaking at a PAC hearing on Cobbora Mine, again objecting on the basis of water issues. 

What has this to do with RSWUA? It is all about raising awareness and letting the government know that detrimental impacts on water resources by mining is unacceptable.

Cabinet to visit Lithgow

On Monday 12.3.2014 there will be a visit by Cabinet to Lithgow: 12.00-1.30pm at Civic Ballroom, Tony Luchetti Showground, George Coates Ave, Lithgow. RSWUA members have been invited and it would be great if a few members could go and let the government know that water resources are more important than coal. Unfortunately none of the committee are able to make that date.

Sale of Tarwyn Park

Other news is that the iconic 'Tarwyn Park' in Bylong Valley (of Peter Andrews and Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) fame) has been sold to the Korean coal company Kepco - a heart-wrenching decision for the Andrews family, but what choice did they have with a huge open cut coal mine planned up to their boundary. A key example of what a mockery the Gateway process is.

Sydney forum on CSG mining

And the prospect of coal seam gas (CSG) mining is raising its ugly head in the Captertee Valley. On Tues 25th March there is what looks to be a very informative forum on CSG in Sydney. Water and legal issues will be discussed and you will hear the latest science relating to CSG and the management of the CSG industry in NSW. The event will include workshops on the hydrogeological science of CSG and the adequacy of currently existing legislation and regulation, as well as a Public Forum in the evening from 6:30pm.

The evening Public Forum will include the following experts in science and the law relating to CSG:
• Andrea Broughton, Principal & Hydrogeologist, Groundwater Solutions International
• Dr Gavin Mudd, Senior Lecturer, Environmental Engineering, Monash University
• Dr Phillip Pells, Principal & Geotechnical and Groundwater Engineer, Pells Consulting
• Ian Coleman, SC, Adjunct Professor School of Law, University of Western Sydney
• Marylou Potts, Director, Principal & Solicitor, Marylou Potts Pty Ltd

You can see the full day's program here. To register please fill out this registration form and return to Registration is essential as numbers are strictly limited.

Next CCC meeting

Finally, the next Inglenook CCC (Community Consultative Committee) meeting is coming up on Tues 25th March 2014. If there are any issues or questions you would like raised, please email the Association at