Advice on access to your property

If you are approached by a mining company wanting to gain access for exploration, before you discuss anything with them, make sure you are fully informed about the correct process.

Remember you do not have to sign any access agreement they might present.

You have the right to negotiate conditions of access that suit you. First inform yourself of your rights.

To this end we have linked two documents from NSW Farmers which form an excellent introduction.
  1. BN-Negotiating-Access-Agreements-0212
  2. Guide-to-Negotiating-a-Land-Access-Agreement-v2_4 
There is a lot more information on their website at

On their website non-members can access lots of info by doing the following: Click on Our Services, then click on Mining and CSG Communications Project, then click on Resources for Landholders. This brings up a page: Land Access Agreements.

There is also a relevant Facebook page: Protect our Land and Water.

The Landholder Mining and CSG Hotline is for members and NON-members. People can receive assistance re access by contacting 1300 794 000.

NSW Farmers have a lot of resources on this issue for members and we highly recommend that you consider joining NSW Farmers if you are being approached for access. Remember to also talk to your neighbours, as a group of you is better able to deal with the well-resourced mining company. Feel free to contact RSWUA if you would like to talk to someone about access.

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