Monday 1 July 2013

Coal Company Misrepresents NSW Farmers

Member Alert
25 June 2013

Dear Member

Template land access arrangement withdrawn

Late in 2012, NSW Farmers launched, in conjunction with the NSW Minerals Council and NSW Government, a template Land Access Arrangement for Minerals Exploration under the Mining Act 1992.

The aim of the template was to assist members who were negotiating access for minerals exploration. We entered into this exercise in good faith and extreme care was taken to ensure that the template was a quality starting point for negotiations. As we stressed at the time, the template was not suited for every enterprise and was not a substitute for independent legal advice.

It has come to our attention however that a coal company has misrepresented an access agreement to landowners, saying it reflects the conditions and provisions in our template.

We have also become aware that some access agreements which are not our template agreement but which appear to look the same (ie same look with the NSW Farmers logo) are being distributed to some landholders.

As such, NSW Farmers wishes to advise all members that NSW Farmers is withdrawing the template from our website effective immediately and that we no longer endorse its use.

It is unfortunate we have had to take such action but the protection of our members rights is of paramount importance to us and under the circumstances it is our only option. 

NSW Farmers remains in a very strong position to be able to advise members on their rights and responsibilities in relation to mining and coal seam gas matters.

We have a dedicated hotline to answer any questions you may have on land access and mining law. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Mining and CSG Communications Officers on 1300 794 000.


For further information call the Member Service Centre on 1300 794 000.

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