Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Two exploratory drill holes to be completed within the 'Inglenook' coal exploration area this year

The following message was sent to us via CCC chair, Margaret MacDonald-Hill from James Marshall at Centennial Coal regarding exploratory drilling proposed this year for the 'Inglenook' project:

The Inglenook Exploration program has received funds allowing for the drilling of two (2) exploration drill holes.  The two drill sites are located within EL7431 and EL7432

The purpose of the drilling program is to assess:
· geotechnical information;
· resource definition; and
· coal quality.

Due diligence inspections for both sites are to be completed by mid June 2017 and the current schedule is for the drilling to commence September 2017 and be completed by end of October 2017.

An ESF-4 Application will be completed for Common Exploration Activity.  This constitutes a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for each of the proposed drill sites.

Once the drilling is completed both drill holes will be sealed and the sites will be fully rehabilitated. 

As more information becomes available, we will post details on the blog.


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