Thursday 30 May 2013


 You might have noticed the bright red markers that have been erected along some of our roadways recently. These are part of  the MWRC’s Roadside Vegetation Management Strategy which is being rolled out in conjunction with the NSW Government’s Roadside Vegetation Improvement Program.
The strategy includes a survey of the various threatened plant species that exist within our roadside corridors and within our particular area are some of the highest value corridors in the entire Shire.
A green sticker on a marker indicates a threatened species nearby, such as a Capertee Stringybark or Ausfeld’s wattle. A yellow sticker marks a high value area such as a Box-gum woodland Edangered Ecological Community containing White Box or Yellow Box or Blakely’s Red Gum trees. 
Council hopes that these markers may help property owners better appreciate and take a more active interest in caring for roadsides when they know that they are of high conservation significance. You can find out more about each of these species from the NSW Environment and Heritage website

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