Thursday 1 August 2013

Make a submission to the the NSW government on proposed amendments to the State Environmental Planning Policy

Barry O'Farrell and the NSW Government are set to weaken controls on coal mining even further. With proposed changes to the SEPP it will be almost impossible for any authority to reject a major coal mine application. 

Mining Development Approvals are already far too easy for companies to obtain, but the 'primary purpose' of this legislative amendment is to to 'promote the development of significant mineral resources' and 'ensure that where mineral resources are demonstrated to be significant to the State, they are given greater consideration in the assessment of DAs'. In other words, to privilege the development of mining over any other considerations, such as impacts on water, the environment, agricultural land, health and communities.

Please take a few moments to read the proposed amendments and make a submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure before 12 August 2013. It's really important that your voice is heard.

You will find the amendments and a submission form here:

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